Anti-Doping Agreement


In order to be eligible to compete in events authorized or recognized by the World Pull-Up Organization, including the World Pull-Up Championships, the competitor must sign our Anti-Doping Agreement at least three (3) months before his/her first competition.

Once the agreement is in effect, the competitor is subject to doping testing at any time, both in and out of competition. The agreement continues in full force until terminated in writing by either party. Signing the agreement is free and does not obligate the competitor to participate in any competitions.

The deadline to sign the Anti-Doping Angreement for the 2022 World Pull-Up Championships is on October 22, 2021.

Note: If you have already signed the Agreement at some point and haven’t specifically cancelled it, your Anti-Doping Agreement is still in force. If you, for example, signed the Agreement for the 2019 World Championships but didn’t compete there, your agreement is still in force.

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